Time Passing Perfectly

Congratulations to my new mommy friend, Mandy! She had healthy twin girls – Zoey Grace and Lillianah Rae – yesterday morning. I couldn’t be happier for Mandy and Lonnie, who, in a day, doubled the size of their family! I know their home and hearts are well prepared for their Easter baby girls. I can’t wait to see a kajillion pictures of their preciousness.

Last night, Ryan and I arrived to The Hoe around 8:30 after a long and hot Jeep ride from Charlotte. My dad, of course, had homemade pizza waiting for us when we got there. The boys woke up early to go golfing at the country club – where it is $2 to play 18 holes – and I got up just in time to give hugs and kisses goodbye. I laid out on the dock for way too long and got to chat with my sister about things that we never really have time to chat about in our rushed phone calls and hurried errands. We both ended up with sunburns, but we’ll wear them joyfully since they’re proof of our first sun session of the season.

We had a big dinner and Ryan even ate one piece of broccoli. We completed two games of Phase 10 – nobody cried! – and overall, it was an incredibly perfect day. Time passed at the rate that it should always pass, but never actually seems to: slow enough to let you love every moment, but fast enough to keep you pleased. And we were. Pleased and pleased and more pleased.  And a thank you.

Our trip already feels like it is coming to an end, and that is making me kind of sad. I could use at least another full day, and maybe a handful more, of family and sunshine and relaxation before heading back to work and grad school and the blah blah blahs of regular life. When can we retire?

I think the EB is on his way. Do you hear the pitter patters of his bunny paws and the sniffly sniffs of his wiggly nose? There are lizards here, too. I hope the EB likes them as much as I do.

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