Five February Favorite Finds

Happy Friday, February the Fifth! (Fifth is such an ugly word - it reminds me of buck teeth and filth and witches.) To celebrate all of the Fs that are going on today, I thought I’d share my Five Favorite February Finds. Now, I know that there have only been five shopping days so far, but maybe you don’t know what I am capable of. Take a gander, and then scurry along to purchase the following items:

1) Vaseline Intensive Care Total Moisture Lotion ($2.99 Target)
2) 5 Pack Multi-Color Heart Socks ($4.50 Forever 21)
3) Long Sleeve Layering Tees ($5.99 - $9.99 Kohl’s)
4) L’Oreal Revitalift Day Cream ($11.99 Target)
5) Green Giant Simply Steam Digestive Health ($1.00 Lowe’s Foods)

#1,4,5 borrowed from Google images.  #2 borrowed from F21.  #3 borrowed from Kohl's.

This morning I had a crazy dream about getting arrested for wearing a gray and black tie-dyed spandex one-piece outfit on a Sunday. Did you know that you aren’t allowed to wear spandex on Sundays? It’s true. It's illegal and you’ll get a ticket and you’ll have to go to court. And you’ll be in a strange city with no other clothes to change into, so you’ll have to go to court in that very same outfit. Luckily, court was open that Sunday, and all of the ladies who worked there thought my outfit was super cute. And they thought it was ridiculous for the cop to have written me a ticket. The judges thought it was silly too, so all I had to do was pay $66 and the charges were dropped. Also, they let me cut a bunch of people in line because I was “single” and the judges had been dealing with married people all day. If you were wondering, I was wearing a cardigan over the spandex outfit, and it covered my bum. That’s the golden rule of spandex: always cover your bum. And I was also wearing a belt. So, there.

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Sherry said...

I had a dream about sleep demons and felt paralyzed, couldn't breathe, and couldn't shout out for help. Then I woke up and didn't have a cat and my heart is sad, so I don't feel like dancing on the furniture.