Sometimes I get really lost. I mean, really lost. And it can happen when I’m going somewhere completely regular. And by regular I mean: somewhere that I go more than once a week. By regular, what I really mean is: I get lost going to school, somewhere that I have driven at least twice a week for all of the weeks that have lead up to this one, the second one in my fourth semester of grad school. It’s not that I forget a not-so-memorable turn onto an unmarked road, but that I forget which way to go on the interstate. There are only two choices – north or south – but for some reason it is terribly hard for me to remember. Which is why I sometimes get really lost.

And sometimes I want to try new things. I’m a very picky eater – maybe the pickiest of pickies – but sometimes I just want to try something new. Like one time, I made a scrambled egg although I have never eaten an egg in my life. And then I threw it away without tasting it. Last night, I decided to make butternut squash fussili with spinach and grape tomatoes. This, I did taste. And then I threw it away. And then I had to have a bite of icecream to get the taste out of my mouth. Sometimes you should just stick with what you know. Even if what you know is frozen whole wheat bagels and broccoli.

And sometimes Rex plays war games on my feet when I’m sleeping and tries to bite my socks off. But I still love him.

Sometimes you just have to look past the war games.


Stacey said...
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Stacey said...

Well...this is the forth time I've tried to comment and if it does'nt work this time, I will try again. I am very proud of your egg experience. Cracking the egg would have been step one, but you took it all the way to the pan! It would have looked and taste better if you used bacon grease:)