Crafting Hearts and Alphas

This Sunday, my mom, sister, and I attended Michael’s 40% off everything sale. Well, that was too good to be true, so what we really attended was a 25% off everything sale that you had to have a coupon for. We love Michael’s and we love Michael’s coupons even more, but we arrived to this event sans coupon. Michael’s is not very pleased with you if you tell them you forgot your coupon, but we sent my sister up to talk to the sales associates because she just had a baby, and well, she should get whatever she wants. So they unhappily handed over one of their precious coupons (which Ashley claims came out of the trash can or was already used). Nevertheless, we all found some items to make our crafting hearts happy and purchased them for 25% off (mine were all 25% off of the clearance price – which was half of the original price!). Don’t you love a good deal? We do.

I found:
- A mouse pad for work ($0.75)
- Over 3800 punch out alphas in a variety of shapes and sizes ($7.50)
- A 60 sheet pack of 12x12 paper in metropolitan prints ($7.50)

Are you wondering what a punch out alpha is and why I thought I would need over 3800 of them? Ashley was too. She told me they would get old really fast. She is wrong. And she will want some, or want me to make to make her something, and I will not.

Here are some little postcards that I’ve come up with so far. The possibilities are endless – do you want me to make you something? I will if your name isn’t Ashley Swistak. What do you want it to say? What size do you want it? Colors? Do you want it to match your baby’s room or your office so you can put it in a 5x7 frame? Or maybe you just want a Valentine's Day card?  Okay!

(If you think I made one of these for you, then you are probably right, and I’m sorry for ruining the surprise. It is in the mail as we speak!)


ashley said...

I mean, 3800 alphas... my creativity and crafting ability is far inferior to yours... I retract my doubtfulness...and will buy you some fruity mentos if I can glean off of your creativity!!! Love the postcards. Love you.

Mandy said...

I hope the twins one is for me--because its too CUTE!:) HAHAH---Even if its not I like it--I might have to steal the idea and go buy some! Maybe not 3800! ha!

Mandy and Lonnie said...

YAYA--WE recieved our cool alpha photo card in the mail and we loved it thanks tess you the besttttttttt! love mandy cat