Butterflies and Beginnings

One good thing about beginnings is that they always have butterflies. Well, my beginnings have butterflies. Maybe your beginnings have frogs or zebras or even octopuses – and if that is the case, then maybe your beginnings just aren’t quite like mine. But let’s begin with butterflies:

I am Tessa and simple. I am mascara, smiles, and broccoli. I am dances on furniture and drives in silence. I am baby lover. Did you know I love babies? I am aunt and best friend, sister and daughter, student and in love. I am hairspray and oceans, colorless photographs and sleeps ten hours at a time. I am cat and blankets, oatmeal, yoga pants, and all caps handwriting. I am sunglasses in the winter type of happy. I am fish faces and happily ever afters. I am skim milk, lip gloss, and twenty-four. I am independent and horrible with numbers. I am cinnamon and pumpkin, winter scents year round. I am one cup of coffee, one cup of tea, and artificial sweetener. I am not going to get cancer from Splenda. I am bookcases and flip flops, boots and sunshine. I am October, Pita-Pit, city, and sand. I am four trips to Target a week – how many are you? I am snuggles in the morning, perfectionist, and holidays. I am red wine and goldfish, Virginia and North Carolina – all at the same time. I am girl and Tessa and simple. And I do believe in butterflies.


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